Qual-AI-ty Engagement Materials

Find in this section the training materials developed for the Qual-AI-ty Engagement Project. These materials were used as the guide to orientate Quality Assurance officers in the discussion about how to include Student Engagement with Society in the existing Quality Assurance practices.

Qual-AI-ty Bootcamp Facilitators Guide

The Qual-AI-ty Bootcamp Facilitators’ Guide has been designed as both an internal guiding document for developing the co-creation exercises of the project and as a reference for other projects developing similar activities. The Qual-AI-ty Engagement Project aims to develop artificial intelligence tools to embed student engagement with society in higher education. This guide is the base for bringing together the external stakeholders and setting a common vision on student engagement with society.

Qual-AI-Ty BootCamp Report: Approaching Student Engagement with Society from Quality Assurance

This report presents the data collected in the Qual-AI-ty Engagement Bootcamp developed in February 2022, in the framework of the Qual-AI-ty Engagement Project. The project aims at introducing artificial intelligence (AI) tools for assessing student engagement with society through qualitative data, as part of the quality assurance processes of higher education. This Bootcamp had the participation of quality assurance staff from higher education institutions in Germany, Latvia, Malta and Spain, who met online to discuss “elements”, indicators, frameworks and required information for integrating and assessing students.